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Boomer yell

"SCORE!"- The Boys are Back In Town

Boomer is Bubbles' evil male counterpart. He is dressed in a blue sweater, blonde hair that goes longer on each side, black pants, and black sneakers.


Boomer's Looks Edit

First Apperance Edit

Boomer awesome

Boomer's first apperance.

Boomer's First apperance was in [[The Rowdyruff Boys (episode)]]. He had the same exact personality as his [[The Rowdyruff Boys|brothers]]. He had a dark blue sweater, blonde hair, black pants and sneakers.

Second Apperance Edit

Batter up

Boomer in his second apperance.

Boomer's [[The Boys Are Back In Town|second apperance]] shows that Boomer had not changed that much. The only changes are that his blue has slightly changed, and His hair is spikier, with 3 spikes and 2 hairs poking out. We learn his special power- The Ability to make a baseball bat out of energy.

Personality Edit

Bommer is like a baby at most times, but like his counterpart, he is very agressive when mad.

On Screen Edit

Boomer is a violent bully. He has a streak to be stupid and naive. He is the sabotage member of the group. Boomer is mainly made of snips.