The Rowdyruff Boys

The Rowdyruff Boys

  • Creation, Name, and Purpose

The Rowdyruff Boys are a superhuman trio introduced in season one, episode twelve The Rowdyruff Boys, of The Powerpuff Girls.

Their creator and father figure, Mojo Jojo, after a long stream of agonizing defeat, concluded that, while powerless to stop Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup alone, he could with help undermine and overpower them. He sought to create a similar band, strong and impressionable, but soon shied from creating puff replicas, opting instead to establish something "stronger, harder, more manly." He snipped hair from an unwitting inmate and rounded up snails and a puppy dog tail, all found within Townsville Jail, set up candles, and waited. When time came to combine these rather unorthodox findings with Chemical X, Mojo settled on ominous toilet water, believing it to have a potency akin to that of X, dropped these in, and flushed. A moment passed; then came response. The toilet bowl violently shook and stirred. Not a second later an explosion of water burst outward from within it. The spontaneous surge slammed Mojo against cell bars and flooded the halls, sweeping one particular janitor off his feet and out of view. The simian mastermind fell gasping to the ground. Three individual shadows stood together as one, casting over him an inauspicious glare. He looked up, stunned, then beamed and pulled three color-coded toddlers into a bone-crushing embrace. They glowered upon him; then one in red elbowed and held him above ground, himself hovering midair. It is at this moment that The Rowdyruff Boys - "Boomer, Brick, Butch" - introduce themselves to their unseemly father, and, likewise, it is at this moment that The Rowdyruff Boys set out to find The Powerpuff Girls, their original "purpose" ("We're The Rowdyruff Boys and we're here to fight") forgotten, replaced with Mojo's impassioned aspiration to "silence" those "tiny titans."

  • Brick, Boomer, and Butch